Local bike owner saves the day for dad and daughter duo off to school

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 11:26 PM EDT
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A local bike shop saves the day for a father and daughter. The Genesee County bicycle shop wanted to make sure the daughter could get to school on time all the way in Canada!

Matt Assenmacher has a checklist when servicing a bike, so the bicyclist has a smooth ride.

Last week Assenmacher received a call from his shop that he needed to come in right away.

"They thought their trip was all over," Assenmacher Bicycle Company Owner Matt Assenmacher said.

Carlin Henikoff and her father Troy were on a bicycle trip from a suburb of Chicago to the University of Toronto.

The two bicyclists made the more than 500-mile trek on a tandem bike.

"It's harder to ride a tandem bicycle than it is a single bicycle because you have two people who are trying to do a balancing thing. It's not difficult to do, but it does take some practice," Assenmacher said.

The two riders found themselves south of Flint on their journey to Canada. They noticed there was a problem with the steering while riding in town last week. Assenmacher found a significant crack - that could've caused a major problem for the two.

"It was a piece like this one with the fork column it was cracking in half right about there. So, this was ready to fall out of the bicycle," Assenmacher said.

After the diagnosis, the fix only took four hours.

"Putting a two-inch piece. One two inches on this side of the crack and two inches on this side of the crack and then silver soldering all them together. So, when it was all done it was all one piece and was probably stronger than the original fork," Assenmacher said.

Assenmacher says he was happy to make sure the two got where they needed to go safely.

"Well they were really nice folks, and we were glad to get them on the road," Assenmacher said.

The bike shop owner believes the crack probably formed when the frame was originally built.