Local businesswoman upset over noise from GM strikers in Swartz Creek

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SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) (09/19/19) - A video making its rounds on social media shows escalating tension between UAW members and a local businesswoman.

She claims she now is being threatened over the phone, on social media and through email after a confrontation with striking workers in front of the General Motors facility in Swartz Creek.

However, UAW members deny responsibility.

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On the video, long-time GM worker Gary Greene and tax service operator Constance Roberts argue back and forth.

She complains that the workers are being loud and about horns constantly honking in front of her house. He says employees aren't doing anything illegal.

"We're going to make noise. We're going to blow horns," Greene said to her.

"And you're disturbing the peace," Roberts said in reply.

"That's up to you. You're saying that," Greene said.

Roberts said the confrontation happened around 7:30 a.m. Monday. She approached the workers because she just wanted to get a quiet night's rest, she said.

"They had been from 2 o'clock in the morning until then [7:30 a.m.] with those little compressed air horns and car horns, screeching of brakes and yelling," Roberts said.

Greene said the strikers were not a "rowdy group of people."

"We're a very respectful group of people," Greene said.

He and Roberts continue their disagreement as the video goes on.

"We ain't going nowhere," Greene said.

"That is my house," Roberts said as she pointed across the street.

"OK, we understand that," Greene said.

The UAW members were upset with her presence and chanted even more for their cause.

"You should be fired for this," Roberts said as she walks away in the video.

A worker captured the video and shared it with ABC12, but Roberts said it doesn't show everything.

"It shows minimal of what actually happened. It's been turned to that I don't support them. I've had death threats. They threatened to burn the building down. They threatened to shoot my dog," Roberts said.

Greene denies that any workers made any threats toward Roberts.

"I can assure you that when she came over Monday there was no such threats. I wouldn't allow no threats," Greene said.

He said Roberts' claims aren't true and he just wants her and others to understand what the workers are fighting for. Roberts said she just wants them to keep it down at night.

"When you talk about our livelihood is on the line, our family is on the line, our jobs is on the line. We are not out here to listen to someone talk about a time limit," Greene said. "We're out here to let the leadership in Detroit know we are behind you around the clock."

Roberts said despite her disagreement with the strikers, she wants them to resolve their issues with GM. In the meantime, she has reached out to international and local union officialss about the threats.

Roberts said she's also told police about the threats. Since Monday, she said there haven't been more noisy nights.

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