Local church plans to begin distributing water using "new" Water Box

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FLINT (WJRT) - (02/19/2019) - First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church is bringing a new innovative way to help provide the community with clean water.

The church is teaming up with actor Jaden Smith and Last Kilometer to bring us the Water Box.

The Water Box was developed by Jaron Rothkop and the Last Kilometer - a nonprofit that focuses on clean energy and technology.

With the number of water bottle donations coming to the church dwindling, The Water Box will make sure there's no shortage of clean water.

"As a result of that we have to turn away a lot of residents simply because we don't have the water flowing the way we did at one time," said Catrina Tillman, the first lady of First Trinity.

The Water Box is portable - and easy to use.

"You hook it up to hose and it goes through the system, gets filtrated and then clean water is produced and so it's essentially the way water was intended," said Tillman.

With the capability of filling up ten gallons of water a minute, the Water Box uses 4 different filters to make sure residents will have safe drinking water.

"Filters are going to remove any type of sediment and heavy metals that have come through, there's a micron filter, an active carbon filter, and then a one micron filter and so that will take out any heavy metals and that will take out any of the particulates,” said Rothkop as he demonstrated how the system worked. “It's followed by a UV filter which then kills anything that's biological that is remaining in the water."

Tillman says this will strengthen and expand community outreach after all the city has been through.

"This is such a blessing for us,” said Tillman. “We have always said here at First Trinity in a crisis you can still see Christ."

Testing will be done routinely by deacons at the church as well as a third party lab.

Rothkop says all this information will be put on a website so people can see the water is safe to drink because transparency is important to them.

First Trinity also says the Water Box will be brought out to the public in the very near future.

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