Local expert reacts to Kareem Hunt signing with Cleveland Browns

FLINT (WJRT) - (02/12/19) - The Cleveland Browns made a bold move yesterday signing running back, Kareem Hunt. It is an issue regarding domestic violence, and communities are feeling the impact across the country.

The Kansas City Chiefs released Kareem Hunt in late-November after a video surfaced of Hunt shoving and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel last February.

Hunt made a public apology in a statement on Monday, but it still sends the wrong message.

"It's just words. Until action is actually taken and consistent action is taken daily, year after year, nothing is going to change, and you're going to get people upset and frustrated. It's just a very conflicting message, and I really hope and pray the NFL can take a better stance," Ann Kita said. Kita is the program director at YWCA of Great Flint.

As a rookie in 2017, Kareem Hunt led the NFL in rushing yards and then later selected to the Pro Bowl. After his violent video went viral. he was placed on the commissioner's exempt list and then released by the Chiefs.

Now, just months later, he has a second chance.

Kita aims to eliminate racism and empower women. She said Hunt's signing can certainly be a trigger for survivors. In response, she welcomes any survivors to discuss in a safe space.

"Whether they've been physically beaten, emotionally abused, sexually assaulted, I'm here telling our community that the YWCA is a really good safe place to begin that healing, and we're with you along the way. Our door never shuts, and I really encourage them to call," Kita said.

With access to money and resources, Kita said the NFL should take a stand. She suggested ideas like running PSAs, inviting service providers inside the organization, and training all individuals on domestic violence.

This is a community issue. and she's optimistic about the potential to shift in the right direction.

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