Local physical therapist 'amazed' at Tiger Woods' comeback

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CLIO (WJRT) (04/15/18) -- Some are calling it the comeback of the year! After four, extensive back surgeries, Tiger Woods pulled off the near impossible, winning his 5th Masters Tournament.

It's his first title in more than a decade, and some in the medical field didn't see it coming, like Physical Therapist Justin Brown with Advanced Physical Therapy in Clio.

"I remember growing up watching tiger. the first 97 Masters kind of got me into watching golf. From him having four back surgeries, the last one a fusion, I never would have thought he'd be as dominant as what he's getting back to," Brown said.

Brown is TPI certified, which stands for Titleist Performance Institute. He specializes in injuries as a result of golfing.

Tiger Woods had spinal fusion surgery two years ago; Brown says he's surprised by the comeback because the surgery usually results in a loss of range of motion for golfers.

He says that surgery usually results in golfers having to change the way they swing.

But clearly, Woods had a solid medical team behind him; otherwise that
win would not have happened.

"The therapist that he's working with really has to make sure he's communication with his golf pro, make sure they know what is his motion that he can do. He probably just started off with short irons and putting. and then with rehab, you're starting off just pretty basic, him just relearning to get those muscles to stabilize," he said.

Brown has a few tips for not only golfers, but anyone that's looking to start up any sort of physical activity.

He says to take it easy at first, don't over exert yourself, and stretch your muscles out.

Starting out slow and easy, he says greatly reduces your chances of injury.

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