Local woman opens spa in Flint Township that caters to children

FLINT TWP. (WJRT) - (03/29/2019) - For Theresa Nelson, she said the kiddie spa idea originated from a conference she attended.

"They were talking about how they really didn't like children in the salon, and they really didn't service them," Nelson said. "With me having a passion for kids, I'm like wait a minute this is an untouched market."

Nelson turned her passion into a reality. In July 2018, she opened Sweet Tee's Salon and Kid's Spa in Flint Township. Nelson's goal is to introduce children to self-care.

"They actually need a space where they can be pampered and I'm a firm believer what they practice as kids, they're practicing for the future."

While mothers are in one corner being pampered, the children are on the other side receiving the same treatment. Children can get a manicures, pedicures, facials and different hairstyles.

"To see the transformation of self esteem and excitement, it just warms their hearts."

However, it doesn't stop at just services for kids. There's a coloring area, a charging station for electronics, kiddie music and a light drink for them.

"It's nothing like a child being excited, smiling, giving you hugs."

Nelson plans to take things a bit further in the future, like catering to children with special needs.

"We want to have a sensory day where they can come in, music will be turned down really low, we have sensory lights, we have sensory items, light- weighted blankets and tablets to make it successful."

Sweet Tee's Salon and Kid's Spa is located 4205 Miller Road.

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