Long-body sonic cruisers take over downtown Flint

Seven cruisers lined curb on Saginaw Street, taking many admirers back in time before the Back to the Bricks festival.

FLINT (WJRT) (8/13/2019) - A memorable line-up in downtown Flint included sunroof tops, whitewalls and the classic look are what car lovers look forward to each year.

"I'm a Flint guy and Flint guys are all car guys. We grew up with cars," Jimi Wells said.

Tuesday marked day two of the Back to the Bricks celebration this week. Seven cruisers like Wells' 1973 Riviera were parked at the curb on Saginaw Street, taking many admirers back in time.

"It took me 20 years to find this car. I always wanted a 1970 and I couldn't find one that was in good enough shape for me to invest my money in," he said.

Wells mentioned that he got lucky by going online to find the car of his dreams.

"I sent him the check, he put it on a truck and they sent it to the car auction on Richfield Road," he said.

Wells was excited to finally pick it up and take it home.

"I looked at it and said that's my baby," he said.

Bobby Jones grew up hoping and wishing for a classic car.

"It's a car I wanted coming up in high school," he said.

Back in 2002, he came across a chocolate covered 1970 Buick. It takes a lot to keep it in tip-top shape.

"Every year you have to do something. Every year I've been doing something on this car," Jones said.

The cars mean so much to Flint's legacy and Back to the Bricks always stands as a reminder.