Puppy found after fireworks send puppy running from home

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FLUSHING (WJRT) (7/6/2019) - A panicked father from Flushing is now relieved that his grand-dog has been found.

Australian Shepherd ,13 week old Sydney, was being cared for by his owner's dad when the pup ran off because of the fireworks.

The family posted signs and began searching.

ABC12 reported this Friday and Saturday learned that Sidney was found on near the new middle school.

(7/5/2019) - "I'm panicked. It's my adult daughter's dog. She's waited 7 years until she's in the right place and time to get a puppy. She's left it with me for 3 days and I've lost it," Dad David Bennett said. "Help!"

His daughter's dog Sidney is about 13 weeks old and actually an Australian Shepherd; but, he wrote 'Lost Border Collie Puppy' on his signs because he said, that's exactly what Sidney looks like.

"He's black and white, he's fuzzy, talking fuzzy fuzzy," Bennett added.

Bennett explained he walked Sydney outside Thursday night for one more bathroom break before bed; and, someone nearby was shooting off fireworks.

"He was a little shy of all the noise. But, he hadn't seen any of the lights yet. He wasn't freaked out, panicked yet," Bennett said. "And when he saw the lights in the sky, he just bolted. I mean he was like a little black streak of lightning and he was gone."

Their home backs up to the Flushing High School football field.

Bennett and his wife started the search last night and haven't stopped, posting 5 large yard signs around town. They're now working to add posters to area businesses.

"I have to thank all my neighbors. They've been wonderful. I've had kids out - it was probably 4 or 5 little girls running around with squeaker toys," he said.

Genesee County Animal Control reported 4 strays have been dropped off since last night. Bennett called them, the Humane Society and has had friends share Sydney's photo all over Facebook.

He has not told his daughter yet.

"Thanks for bringing that up," Bennett laughed. "No, my daughter is in Ohio. And, everybody around me has posted on their Facebook page, but I have not."

Time is running out. Bennett said she comes home Sunday night.

"A little nervous about that conversation. So, not looking forward to that. If it doesn't - if he doesn't turn up in the next 12 to 15 hours, I guess I'll be facing the music," Bennett said.

If you find Sidney, call 810-241-2504.

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