Genesee County woman wins $500,000 with scratch-off ticket bought in Goodrich

A 55-year-old woman won $500,000 with this scratch-off lottery ticket purchased in Goodrich.
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GOODRICH (WJRT) (11/15/2019) - A Genesee County woman plans to buy a new car with some of the $500,000 she won playing the Michigan Lottery's Triple Bonus Cashword instant game.

The 55-year-old, who wants to remain anonymous, bought her winning ticket at Beacon and Bridge located at 10318 Hegel Road in Goodrich.

The lucky winner knew she had a winning ticket after she scratched it off, but didn't immediately realize how much.

"I scratched the ticket and thought I had a $100 winner," she said. "When I took it to the gas station to claim the prize, the clerk said he couldn't pay me and I was kind of mad because I wanted the money. He told me I needed to contact the Lottery."

The winner realized the ticket was actually worth $500,000 after studying it more at home. She visited Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing recently to claim her prize.

After buying a new car, the woman plans to share some money with her children and save the rest.

"Things haven't always been easy financially, so this really takes some stress off of me," the player said.

Triple Bonus Cashword players have claimed $36 million worth of prizes from the game. The lottery says more than $5 million in prizes remain, including another $500,000 grand prize and three $1,000 prizes.