Lt. Jeff Neville forging new life as Bishop airport attacker nears sentencing

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) (4/15/2019) - He's got a new career, but the same positive attitude.

"I did not plan on retiring; but you know, life throws you pitches and I guess you hit 'em or you miss," Neville laughed. "And so, it's all worked out okay."

Jeff Neville got his realtor's license last summer and joined the Tremaine Real Estate team in Grand Blanc.

On his desk, there are several reminders of his longtime career as a police officer, especially as a lieutenant at Flint's Bishop International Airport.

"I always figured that I had a strength working with people; and if I could work with people, it doesn't matter what field I'm in," he explained.

And he was right. Neville is already having success selling houses.

"When he cut my neck, he didn't neuter me, so what I mean by that is if I see somebody that they need help, I'm gonna help em, okay? I'm just not gonna walk around with a target on my back anymore. That's all," he said.

Neville explained the police uniform is the 'target.'

He said, "It's definitely a target. That's why he chose me that day."

June 21st 2017.

Neville returned to work part time for a few weeks in April 2018. But, he said panic attacks, high blood pressure and PTSD kept him from joining them again full time.

He retired from the airport and law enforcement in February.

"There are times when you have like an accelerated or an intense startle reflex; and so maybe, a loud noise or something off to the side, you know I see a flash and I just you know," he explained.

Plus, Neville has a constant reminder permanently with him -- the scar on his neck from where Amor Ftouhi stabbed him.

"It's something that I never forget because you think about it all the time because it's numb," he said.

The criminal case against his attacker is expected to end this Thursday. A jury convicted Ftouhi last Fall on multiple charges.

In court, Neville will speak to him one last time before Ftouhi learns how long he'll go to prison.

"I don't think anyone has ever thought that we would go through something like this," Neville said. "Thank God it couldn't have turned out any better than it did. You know, all things considered it's as positive as it could be."

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