Lyme Disease cases on the rise nationwide this summer

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(8/9/2018) - Public health officials nationwide are raising alarms, as Lyme disease cases are on the rise.

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection resulting from a deer tick bite.

A new report shows cases of Lyme Disease continue to grow in all 50 states, even in places where it has not typically been present in the past. Lab workers believe ticks are surviving in new regions

Cleveland Clinic Dr. Alan Taege said ticks are everywhere and the first step for protection is wearing insect repellent. He added finding and removing ticks right away is key to prevent the spread of the disease.

"If you find a tick -- and you should do a tick check every time you're out and exposed -- you should remove it promptly, because it is rare that ticks can cause an illness in just a few hours," Taege said. "It usually takes attachment for a day or almost two days in some cases before they transmit the disease."

Pet owners also are urged to check them for ticks after they've been outdoors, because they can bring ticks inside with them.

Anyone who sees a tick on their clothing should put the clothes in a dryer for 15 minutes, which will kill any ticks attached to them.