Project at M-15 and Lapeer Road begins Aug. 20 to ease traffic congestion

DAVISON TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (8/9/2018) - Traffic backing up along M-15 at Lapeer Road in Davison Township is a common scene.

Traffic waiting to make a right turn onto Lapeer Road from southbound M-15 gets backed up, as motorists going straight to get on I-69 often block the farthest right lane.

"We've gotten a lot of calls about it, about congestion at it," said Keith Brown with the Michigan Department of Transportation. "So this is a congestion mitigation project."

That lane allows traffic to go straight or turn right on Lapeer Road. After the project, the lane will be designated only for right turns.

"We've had traffic start to back up here and it will start to block other lanes because you've got 2 choices in that lane," Brown said. "So now you'll be forced to make the right lane and if you want to continue to (I-69) you'll have to be in the right lane to go through it."

No lanes are being added to the intersection, so it's a pretty simple project. But MDOT said that simple projects can be the most troublesome for drivers.

"The big change they'll see will be the change in the signal going to a diagonal to a box signal," Brown said. "They'll also notice that we will bring the curb out so they can't go straight. That will be the biggest change at the intersection and then a smoother surface to drive on."

The project will began on Aug. 20 and run through September. There will be intermittent lane closures, so the roadway will never fully be closed.