M-24, Turrill Road intersection approved for traffic signal

LAPEER, Mich. (WJRT) - A new traffic signal is coming to the city of Lapeer after years of asking for help from the Department of Transportation.

The first major intersection as your exiting the highway in Lapeer is known as a hot spot for accidents and often avoided because of it.

Whether you're heading to I-69 or coming from it, because of the hill viability of the Turrill Rd intersection is almost zero. That's why it has been deemed one of the deadliest intersections in Lapeer County, but a new traffic signal is hoping to change that.

"This is a very good example of the government responding to the requests of their citizens," says the City of Lapeer police chief, Dave Frisch.

Many people say, it's about time something changes at the intersection.

"Because you're taking a chance if you want to try and get across the road to the other side or even out on 24 sometimes," says resident Jacki Miller.

Most of the traffic is from I-69 and heading north on M-24, but once they get to the hill along the road, Turrill Rd is right after it. Many times the road is seen with a congestion of cars trying to get across.

"There has been several fatalities that have happened over there over the years," says Frisch. "But as anyone knows with going through that intersection, the close calls that we have that don't ended up in crashes are significant as well."

Recently, MDOT has come in and conducted a study which proves the intersection needed a signal, the plans to install are now underway.

"A lot of people just pull right out and they're not paying attention. You know how all the distracted drivers are these days with people on their phones," says resident Alex Owens. "So, I think a traffic light there would be beneficial. It would slow traffic down a lot but I think it would help in the long run."

The goal is to have the traffic signal fully operational by this time next year.