MDOT snowplows receive annual inspection just before first snow fall

SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (11/8/2018) - With the first snow of the season expected to fall Friday morning, the Michigan Department of Transportation's yearly inspection of its snowplows is happened at just the right time.

MDOT trucks have quite a few bells and whistles, so they go through a inspection checking every single item from the top to the bottom.

"The salt boxes on there, the blades on the snow plow," said MDOT engineer Gregg Brunner. "We're just going through making sure the blades, sensors and everything else is working on the trucks so we're ready to go once the snowstorms hit."

Brunner said with a new type of blade they'll be able to cover more ground in less time, creating a more efficient and safer roadway for people to travel.

"This year were going to have four tow plows out there and what those do is they actually are able to plow 2 lanes of snow at once," he said. "We have a tow plow on the back that swings out to cover the right lane while the truck is in one of the middle lanes. So, it makes it a little more efficient in our operations."

But before these snowplows can hit the roadways, they have to go through an intense check list of more than 20 items making sure everything is working properly.

"There's about 25 things on the checklist. What we do is just go through and make sure everything is operational and if the lights work and everything else," Brunner said. "If something is broken we go through and fix that."

With over two dozen trucks in its fleet covering Saginaw County alone, inspecting all of these takes multiple hours over multiple days.

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