MDOT shares photos of motorcycle that drove into wet concrete as a reminder to drive safely in work zones

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 11:25 PM EDT
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(08/21/2018) - The Michigan Department of Transportation tweeted out photos of a motorcycle on I-69 missing its driver.

MDOT is using the photos as reminder of the importance of driving safety in work zones as the busy construction season is wrapping up.

Their Facebook Post, which has generated thousands of responses and shares, asks if you have lost a motorcycle driving on I-69 in Clinton County Monday.

One of the photos, which appears to show tire imprints in wet concrete, serves as a reminder of why it's not a good idea to use closed lanes to bypass traffic backups.

Wet concrete stopped this motorcycle in its tracks.

MDOT said its driver, in an attempt to avoid slowed traffic, drove down the closed lane, taking no notice of the foreman who tried to flag him down.

"The driver kept going," said Aaron Jenkins, the University region communications representative for MDOT, "until he reached the fresh concrete that he drove his motorcycle into."

Jenkins said after crashing in the wet concrete, the driver ran off.

"If a lane is closed," he said,"it's closed for a reason."

"That concrete could have been deeper," he noted, "he could have seriously injured himself or he could have injured some of the workers."

Long haul driver Tom DeCourley said he see's dicey driving in construction zones all too frequently:

"I see stupid people every day," he said. "They'll run right up, gotta beat you into the construction so they can get through it 60 feet sooner."

According to MDOT most highway construction zones require drivers to slow down to 55 miles-per-hour.

"Watch what you're doing, cause stuff can happen in the blink of an eye," said DeCourley.

Timely advice as MDOT tries to wrap up a lot of its projects before the weather turns.

"Those people that are working on these projects," said Jenkins,"they're fathers, mothers, daughters, and family members, they want to go home safely."

The detour the driver of the motorcycle took is going to cost him.

Bath Township police have impounded the bike, he'll be looking at a civil infraction for disregarding the traffic cones, and in a construction zone fines are doubled. Police say he'll also be facing a misdemeanor for leaving the scene of an accident.