Lab confirms premium gas from Citgo on Ballenger Highway contained water

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/30/2018) - A Michigan Department of Agriculture lab test confirmed what two out-of-state motorists suspected: the premium gas they purchased from a Citgo gas station contained water.

The contaminated gasoline was premium 92 octane at the gas station on Ballenger Highway. The Michigan Department of Agriculture tested a sample of the gas, and found it did contain water.

Mid-grade 89 octane and regular 87 octane gasoline samples from the Citgo station came back clean.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture inspects and certifies gas pumps around the state.

Two men visiting Flint for Thanksgiving found themselves stranded after filling their tanks with the bad gas. Their fuel tanks had to be flushed; but their engines were not seriously damaged.

Sam Singh, who owns the Citgo station, said he is working with his insurance company to try and reimburse the two men for their repair bills.

The station will not be allowed to sell either premium or mid-grade until the issue is corrected and it meets state standards, but regular unleaded gasoline is still available.

Singh said his working to resolve the issue, he's trying to determine if the source is his tank or the gas delivered by a supplier.

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