Michigan Department of Education deepens investigation into Flint Community Schools

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/24/17) - The Michigan Department of Education says a team of fiscal and program staffers is expected to visit Flint Community Schools as early as next week.

They plan to review documents and interview district staff.

No word on if they believe there are any issues, but two letters previously sent to the Department, the District, the Board and ABC12 News, among others, lay out specific wrongdoing regarding funding.

The letters were sent anonymously.

ABC12 received the first one in August. It focused on "unethical actions and misuse and appropriation of Title I, Section 31a and other grant funds within Flint Community Schools."

An invoice from February 16th was also included, showing the cost of $150,000 for three different leadership workshops.

The second letter came in September, and the writer alleged "inappropriate use and compensation of Title Staff," specifically the District Instructional Specialists.

The last letter ended with "stay tuned," but we have yet to receive another.

In a statement, the District responded, "Flint Community Schools is working in coordination with the Michigan Department of Education in support of a thorough and complete investigation, as was anticipated. We will provide an update to the community once the investigation is complete."

We'll continue following this investigation for you.

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