MI Table opens in historic Bay City building

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BAY CITY (WJRT) - (10/10/19) - What's old is new again. A Bay City building set for demolition has been brought back to life and it's just one example of how the city is reinventing itself.

Built in 1891, the building now called The Legacy, was known as the Crapo building until recently.

With the metal facade from more than 50 years ago gone, the original beauty of the building has been revealed.

"This is just the beginning and so much more change is going to happen. It's very exciting, you almost feel like the beginning of a whole new chapter," said Amberlyn Hales, owner of MI Table.

The farm-to-table restaurant is now open inside The Legacy. A bank used the space for decades.

"It's really about taking something that people thought was nothing, turning back into something that's awesome," Hales explained.

Democratic Congressman Dan Kildee sees it as another building block in Bay City and beyond. "This is what we need to do in order to build an economy that can sustain the twists and turns that our economy goes through, by having well anchored small businesses like this in a place that is cool now, I mean this is really a good thing."

The farm-to-table restaurant features all-things-Michigan from the materials used in the decor to the food served.

It's a conversation starter on a number of levels.

"It's also encouraging young entrepreneurs, young women who are thinking about starting a business, to be able to show one that actually is working, the best way to encourage it is to show the success of those who are actually doing it," Rep. Kildee said.

The building at the corner of Washington Avenue and Center Avenue is just one piece of an evolving riverfront from Uptown Bay City to downtown.

"So excited to see them connect versus kind of being separate. Now it's just one community," Hales said.

Chemical Bank employees last worked in the building in 2014 before moving to a new location in Uptown Bay City.

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