Michigan man living in New York City describes life under lockdown

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NEW YORK CITY (WJRT) (03/24/2020) - Life as we know it, is a distant memory now. That's how Joe Sutkowi of Greenville describes living in Queens, New York.

"I haven't left the neighborhood in about a week, which I think is a record since we've been in New York City for about four years now," Sutkowi said in a FaceTime interview.

As the number of coronavirus cases exceeds 25,000 in New York state and nearly 15,000 in the city alone, Sutkowi takes comfort in knowing there's no shortage of food and other basic needs.

"Our grocery stores are fully stocked," he said. "While the streets are very empty, the essential services are functioning well here."

If Sutkowi does have to leave home for whatever reason, it's to the store and back because he takes a risk each time he leaves.

"We're washing hands, we're wiping down anything that comes into the apartment," he said. "If we order something, we wipe it down before we use it."

Sutkowi said the shelter in place order hasn't taken a major toll on his overall mental health. He says he's doing his best to make sure he stays connected with those who matter most.

"We've had board game nights with friends. Our church service is online. We've done small group discussions in our church," Sutkowi said. "It's a way to feel normal."

Normal -- a word that has taken on new meaning day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute.