MSP diver weighs in on Thailand cave rescue

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LANSING (WJRT) (07/09/18) -- What's happening in Northern Thailand is no doubt a complex and very dangerous situation. Add to that dwindling oxygen levels inside the cave and monsoon season, the rescue to save the remaining 5 boys including their soccer coach is a race against time.

"Logistically, it's very difficult to make sure you have everything all in place and to have the right people in place to facilitate that type of rescue," said Sgt. Randy Parros, Michigan State Police Marine Services Team.

Sgt. Parros has professionally dove for around 30 years; 16 of those years has been spent with the Marine Services Team.

While divers do the best to plan ahead, there are simply some things that can't be planned for once they're in the water.

"Are we going to get a lot of rain today, is it going to bring the water levels up," Parros said.

Or will visibility be reduced? How much oxygen should the diver bring?
Parros says all efforts to mitigate risks must be taken prior to the rescue and during.

"is it safe enough to conduct a dive and by that are you going to accomplish the objective and are you going to do so safely enough that your own diver isn't going to be at risk," he said.

So far in Thailand, there haven't been any major problems during the rescues.

Many of the boys have very little or no experience diving or swimming.

"I can't even fathom how, how difficult it is for those kids to do that; just absolute kudos for doing that and having the capability to do that," he said.

Rescue efforts are expected to resume tomorrow.

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