Made in Michigan: A hat for any occasion

It is a deeply rooted Sunday morning tradition in the African American culture.

This Saginaw woman remembers being fascinated with it as a child.

"Going to church with my mother and she always wore hats and the ladies around them wore hats," she said.

Ladies' hats have become a symbol of style and grace and they can be pretty elaborate.

"The more a hat shines the more it costs," she said.

Then Yvonne Cabine shows us one in her collection that has many elements - "Now this one it's like a braid and the feathers and of course the beaded band."

Cabine is the owner of Where did you get that Hat. She is a modern day milliner or custom hat designer.

"I loved hats when I was younger and I couldn't wait until I grew up to start wearing hats, Cabine said.

But she quickly learned that owning a quality crown piece is a significant investment. A great hat can cost in the hundreds of dollars. She shows us a yellow, double, wide brim hat that she says would retail around $700 or $800.

"I started looking at the prices of hats and said I had to learn how to make them."

That's where it all started for her. More than a decade ago she began training to become a milliner. Her studies took her all over the US and beyond, even to the south of France.

"That teacher over there made hats for the queen and Princess Di," she said.

In her home design studio in Saginaw, Michigan is where her art form comes to life. She has made a hat for Gladys Knight, and women from all walks of life looking for the perfect headdress for a special occasion.

"They are going to a church function, and or the pastor wives, and then you have some who might call me and they are going to a wedding. A couple of them are going to the Kentucky Derby and I tell them if you are going to the derby go big or stay home."

But her most prized hat is the one she made for the woman who inspired it all.

"When my mother passed. and I made her hat, she said." Cabine says she knew her mom was ready when she placed the hat on her head.

"Her hat somewhat matched my hat you know, we had the same beaded flowers on the hat."

Her custom works of art come in every shape and size, big and small and in every color of the rainbow. We gave her an ABC12 shirt and asked her to make us something special.

What we received was a one-of-a-kind hand sewn hat made right in Saginaw Michigan.