Made in Michigan: Detroit Bold Coffee spreading through the state

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HIGHLAND PARK (WJRT) (1/22/2019) - Coffee is often considered one of the first thing millions of Americans do every single morning.

For A.J. O'Neill, getting into the business of helping people wake up every morning all started at a small coffee shop in Ferndale in 2009.

"When the auto industry and the manufacturing industry was in great peril -- as everyone remembers -- we held the world's longest concert there called the assembly line concert, which was all about bringing a positive attention and look to Detroit," he said.

O'Neill knew there was no better way to keep people going than with coffee -- and thus -- Detroit Bold Coffee was born.

"It's been a whirlwind," he said. "We have Detroit in our name and I've taken that very seriously as we've gone forward in knowing that Detroit Bold epitomizes the hard working humans and the bit of Detroit in all of us."

All of Detroit Bold's Coffee, including the roasting, is done inside Becharas Brother's Coffee Co. in Highland Park. The beans for Detroit Bold are supplied by Becharas Brothers and must pass "The Table," where cupping of coffee is done.

"It allows us to control our blends and provide us that consistency to all our customers," O'Neill said.

So customers are only left with nothing but a quality cup of joe.

"He has grown substantially in the last five years," said Nick Becharas. "Started basically out of his cafe and now available in Meijer, Kroger and many independent stores throughout Michigan. He's done a remarkable job."

The proof is in the pudding -- or the perk.

"Customers love it," Becharas said. "They have an emotional attachment to this coffee."

And so does O'Neill.

"I tell ya, I have to cut myself off from it," he said. "There are times when life is just so overwhelming because our biggest problem is keeping up, our biggest problem is keeping our product on store shelves."

Detroit Bold is sold in many big chain grocery stores.

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