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CLINTON TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (10/26/16) - If you come across Yumbitz in the store, you'll find them listed under the flavors of savor, indulge, unwind and shine.

"I say they're little gifts to me from me," said Yumbitz founder, Monica Martin. "They're baked with love because I just wanted people to feel good again about snacking."

Feeling good and giving back is what Yumbitz is all about. Even through the toughest time in her life, Martin, a southeast Michigan native, has kept this mentality.

When Martin's husband lost his job in 2011 right after the birth of their daughter, the family was completely drained of their savings and struggling to get by. It was then and there that she decided to turn her passion of baking into a reality.

"I was being held back because of fear and now, I look backwards and I think to myself, 'You should have did this a long time ago' because God just seems to put the right people in your path once you decide to go do something for yourself," Martin said.

Flash forward to today and Yumbitz is now sold in many markets including Detroit-area Whole Foods locations and The Local Grocer in Flint.

"I have chocolate chip, double fudge, white chocolate macadamia and lemon," Martin said. "They're delicious, they're very chocolate-y, they're just amazing, they're bite-size, and they're just awesome."

Not only do they taste delicious, but by purchasing these cookies, you'll be helping Yumbitz to bake local hopes and dreams.

"After my husband and I experienced hunger, we decided that we wanted to do something about it," Martin said.

Yumbitz partnered with Gleaners Food Bank to donate 10 percent of all sales to feed those in need in the community. For each bag of Yumbitz that is sold, someone will receive a meal in return.

"We wanted to give back some sort of way because we wanted to pay it forward," Martin said. "Plus, I know that so many people want to help other people but they just don't have the time or they think about it after the fact. But, you can just pick up a couple bags of cookies and know that you have served your part in the world by providing a meal for someone else, I think that's pretty incredible."

In the future, Martin hopes to grow Yumbitz with more flavors and eventually partner with a distributor to be sold in more markets.

One thing is for sure, she'll never stop giving back.

"They're little cookies on a mission, to make you feel good and then when you're taking care of yourself, you're blessing someone in return," said Monica.

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