Man found not guilty in murder of Saginaw grandmother

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SAGINAW (WJRT) A shocker in a Saginaw County courtroom as one of the alleged shooters in the murder of a grandmother is found not guilty.
It took a jury about three hours to decide Tamaris Jones was not guilty on all six criminal charges he faced.
During the trial, witnesses testified that Tamaris Jones was one of the shooters in a 2017 Saginaw murder, which was described as a revenge killing. The jurors in the trial apparently didn't believe those witnesses.
"I was relieved because my client has maintained his innocence through this entire proceedings," says Jones's attorney Jim Piazza.
He is reacting to the not guilty verdicts delivered by a Saginaw County jury in regards to Tamaris Jones. Jones and five other people, including two of his brothers, were charged in the murder case of 54 year old Shlindrill Lewis, who was gunned down while she sat in her car outside her home in Saginaw in October of 2017. Piazza says jurors didn't believe witnesses who said Tamaris Jones was one of the shooters.
"The prosecution's case relied on snitches that were out for their own benefits. The prosecution used a hit man who says he committed this crime as a witness in the case," he says.
Alexander Jones, who is not related to Tarmaris and someone who Piazza refers to as a hitman, admitted he shot several times into Lewis's car that day.
"He said he was there and he was the shooter, now he says my client was the other shooter which my client has denied and we put on witnesses that said he wasn't in the area," Piazza says.
The prosecutor's office released a statement on the verdict, saying it had more evidence against Jones, claiming Jones' DNA was found on the .40-caliber spent shell casings that were left at the scene of the murder. Still, the jury decided not guilty. Tamaris Jones is not a free man because of the not guilty verdicts. He remains in the Saginaw County jail because he faces assault with intent to murder and other charges in another criminal case.
"We are going to be fighting that, tremendously as well," he adds.
The other people charged in this case have court hearings later this month.

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