Man surprises wife with terminal cancer by renewing wedding vows

OWOSSO (WJRT) - (06/15/19) - A love story and a life altering illness.

A mid-Michigan husband is helping his beloved wife scratch the most important item off her bucket list.

For 15 years, Brian and Mary Brooks shared a life filled with love and commitment. A commitment renewed in the face of uncertainty.

Mary has cancer. A three year battle with cancer will soon come to an end.

"Now her cancer spread. She has it in both Fallopian tubes and her kidneys both and it's just going to be a type of matter. They just couldn't tell us time how long she'd be with us. They can't promise us a long life. They can't promise anything," Brian said.

Chemo can only slow down the process. So Mary created a bucket list. At the top of it: to renew her vows with the love of her life.

"I wanted Brian to know just how much I loved him and adored him, and he made my dreams come true. Everybody should have a wonderful person like this in their life. He's the best person who's ever come into my life," Mary said.

That includes a big family to help enjoy every minute of her life.

"I want to see my grandchildren grow up. I would love to see everybody in my family just be happy all the time, but mostly it's for my little grand kids who I love so much. They're my heart. And so is my husband," Mary said.

Brian says his goal as a husband is to make his wife happy. And he still isn't finished.

"Her bucket list has been full, some of it. Renew our vows, she has a birdbath in the yard now. Yet, she has another thing to find out today. That will go in the yard,"

Mary also received her very own wishing well. All of Mary's guests wrote down their wishes on a slip of paper for Mary to read at home.

Mary, we wish you our very best.

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