Mandatory sexual haraassment training for Congress

Cutout Photo: Arturo Pardavila III / CC BY 2.0

WASHINGTON DC (WJRT)- (11/29/17) -Representatives are attempting to address the issue of sexual harassment within the halls of Congress.

Sexual harassment training will now be mandatory for members of Congress and their congressional staff.
Congressman Dan Kildee, a co-sponsor, and other members of the House, introduced the resolution Wednesday.

Just as more and more women are coming forward, to speak out about sexual harassment in the work place, including in Washington.
The resolution was approved with bipartisan support.

Earlier Wednesday, members of the House talked about the need to take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and address them quickly.

"This is not happening quick enough. We are not addressing this issue fast enough. We need to make sure that we're setting the example here in the United States Congress and that means we need the resources and the training and the transparency partnering with what our colleague Jackie Speier is doing from California to open up this process, to reform this process." said Rep. Tim Ryan (D) Ohio

"If there's one claim of sexual harassment, that is one too many. And this cannot be tolerated. As you know, we had our first hearing on November 14th, where we dealt in a bipartisan way on how to go forward on this issue. said Rep. Gregg Harper/(R) Mississippi

Lawmakers say the House training measure, similar to a plan the Senate already approved, is merely a first step in changing the climate in Washington.