Mayville community shows support after fire rips through a well-known family business

MAYVILLE (WJRT) (08/18/19) - Mayville is a small city in Tuscola County.

With a population of less than 1,000 people, word can travel around quickly. People who live there say the fire at Northern Log Supply is tragic, especially considering what the owner means to this community.

Peter Green, the owner of Northern Log, started his business in his dad's pole barn behind his house in 2003. Then, he purchased property in Mayville along M-24 and Industrial Park Drive, and it's grown beautifully since then.

"Right from the bottom up, he's been a hard-working young man, who has made good with the business. It's grown, and he's employed more and more people as the years have gone by," Dean Bryan, a Mayville resident, said.

The business currently has over 20 employees who help manufacture log home products and service everything from paneling to siding to railing. In the community, Green is known as a family-man, who has his life priorities set on track.

"God, family, and then his business. He's always built on that, and I've always been proud of him. It's the kind of people we need in Mayville," Jim Holmes, another Mayville resident, said.

Now, another priority will include restoration after tragedy hit his business.

"Firetrucks were coming into Caro to get water and go back out," Holmes said.

Just before 5:00 this morning, Mayville Fire was dispatched for a structure fire at Northern Log.

"I was in total shock because Peter has always tried to do the best he can on any of his buildings, including his own, so a fire was not anything I ever thought would happen there," Holmes said.

Bryan says the fire was tragic, and there's certainly work to be done.

"I know that it's difficult to recover everything from a situation like that, and so I know it will be a trial," Bryan said.

Both Bryan and Holmes are confident that Green's work ethic and faith will help speed the process along, and hopefully result in something even better in the long-run.

"Whenever you build a building, you build the second one better. I hope this works out better for him. The Lord has his plan, and we have ours, and it's not always the same plan," Holmes said.

The cause of the fire was not released at this time.

Expect an update once we have more information.

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