McDonald's worker accused of taking photos of customer's credit cards

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:17 PM EST
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(12/4/19) - Dozens of customers at a Mid-Michigan McDonald's might have debit or credit card information compromised, and it can really happen to any of us.

Most of us have done this; go to a drive-thru restaurant, give the employee our credit card, and get it back after its read by the card reader.

But investigators said an employee at one fast food restaurant was taking the customer's cards' and taking pictures of the front and back of them.

They said she most likely did this more than fifty times.

"This is extremely scary," says Buena Vista Township detective Sara Yant.

It was at the McDonalds restaurant on Holland Road in Buena Vista Township where a man used his debit card late last month at the drive-thru window.

Days later, the man got a call from his bank wondering if he really ordered more than 200 dollars worth of merchandise at

"He knew for certain he did not, they blocked the transaction," says Yant.

She says the man recalled stopping in Buena Vista.

"He remembers driving through this McDonald's, having the wait be a little longer than normal for his credit card to come back, this is the first place he thought of as a possible link to this incident," Yant says.

She says the man called McDonald's corporate office, surveillance video of employees who work the drive-thru window was looked at, and they were able to pinpoint the transaction in question.

"An employee had been caught taking pictures of people's credit or debit cards as they are coming through the drive-thru," she says.

The back of the card is important because of that security code. Yant believes the woman, who was arrested but has been released pending further investigation, may have done this more than fifty times.

People who visited this McDonalds over the past few months are being told to review their bank statements.

"If they notice something on their statement that is not a known transaction to them, they need to contact their bank, then they need to make a report with their local police department," she says.

If you didn't visit that McDonald's, Yant has some advice the next time you visit a drive-thru restaurant.

"Keep your cards in view, I know it's hard to do," says Yant.

The owner and operator of that McDonald's says he and his staff are working with police on the investigation and that employee no longer works there.

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