McKennasSquad Beauty Bar to open next week, second bar in the works

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) (6/13/2018) - Hero is not the name she was born with, it's the person McKenna has become for her family and her community.

Now, what she has become for her fellow fighters at the Detroit Children's Hospital as the McKennasSquad Beauty Bar gets ready to open there next week.

"McKenna designed it, she named it, she picked out her logo and we are having her words as well there," said her mom, Melissa Schummer.

She said McKenna's quote, "Find your courage, strength and beauty," will cover one of the walls.

"She was like I want to give kids the courage. I want to give kids the strength and bring their beauty to them," Schummer said.

That's what the 11-year-old was able to discover through makeup.

"You could just see her beaming. I don't know how she went from, you know, going through chemo and treatments and going through something so difficult on a regular basis to this infectious, beautiful smile," Schummer said.

Makeup was McKenna's passion and she hopes others can experience that too.

Every patient will have access to the Beauty Bar. If they don't feel up to leaving their room, Schummer said they'll bring travel size kits to them.

"It's hard that she's not here. I guess that's the hardest part for me," Schummer said. "I just miss her so much."

But she added: "I'm just very proud of her, for what she wanted to do and that I get to keep her going. And, that's very good for me, you know, as mom, as you know, her family, as her very close friends are still keeping her alive."

It's McKenna's community that's made the beauty bar possible, providing monetary and makeup donations over the last several months.

"When they took out the makeup, I would've said about 100 boxes and I mean big boxes of makeup," Schummer said. "And, it just kept going and going and I was just so excited."

That excitement continues, as Hurley Medical Center is now in talks to bring a Beauty Bar to their children's hospital.

"It's just something we've always looked forward to, didn't know it was going to happen and all of a sudden here it is," Shummer said.

The grand opening at The Children's Hospital of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center will take place June 22. Then, the McKennasSquad is hosting a Beauty Bar Bash in Grand Blanc on Saturday.

For more details on the event, click on the "Related Links" section on the right side of this story. McKennasSquad also is accepting donations of unopened makeup.

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