McLaren Flint making sure nobody with an addiction leaves without help

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FLINT (WJRT) (8/15/2019) - Sometimes a helping hand is the turning point in an addicted person's road to recovery.

Through the new Hope and Healing program, McLaren Flint Hospital is making sure that hand is available.

The program takes it's name from Hope Not Handcuffs. With that program, anyone with an addiction comes to a police station to get help without the fear of getting in trouble.

This new program makes sure someone with an addiction already at the hospital doesn't leave without help.

"Before you would just hope that that person would connect with services once they were discharged and you never know whether they did or didn't," said Denyatta Henry, McLaren Flint's Case Management Director.

But now, McLaren Flint Hospital is able to call in an Angel who will talk to the patient about getting into treatment.

"The beauty of it is, somebody who participates in the program, they're also given a recovery coach that'll help them and be with them as they continue to go through treatment and then after treatment," Aaron Rubio with Families Against Narcotics said.

FAN partnered with McLaren Flint to create Hope and Healing.

It launched August 1st; and Henry said, they typically have at least one person a day in need of the resource.

"Sometimes it's folks that it's not very apparent that they have a substance abuse issue," she explained. "You have to dig and you have to probe to find and identify folks who need help. Because, you know, it's a scary thing, it's not something that people are very open to talking about."

Which is why Rubio said they still speak with those who aren't ready for help right then at the hospital.

"People will find recovery when they're ready; and if we can do it when they're here, if they're ready, great," he said. "And if we can have them with a dedicated line to call when they leave and call when they're ready, we'll do it then too."

Coaching is also available for families to help them understand addiction as they work to support their loved one.

Rubio added they are in need of more volunteers. To find out more about becoming an Angel, click on the 'Related Links' section of this story.

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