McLaren Health, other groups pushing patients to use telehealth

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 1:41 PM EDT
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(03/26/2020) -- Protecting your health. In these unprecedented times, many people still need to see a doctor. But is it really worth that trip to the doctor’s office?

That’s when something like Telehealth comes into play.

“It’s a very easy way to get in touch with your physician or primary care provider,” said Dr. Sohaib Elsayed, a family medicine doctor with McLaren Health.

Telehealth allows patients to video chat with their doctor without leaving their home. Patients can do it from their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

“Being able to see your doctor goes a long way, especially when its someone you know and trust that’ll be able to reassure you and comfort you,” Elsayed said.

Doctors offices and major hospital groups like McLaren Health are now more than ever encouraging people to use telehealth. Doctors will be able to treat things like sore throats, ear infections, cold symptoms and other minor ailments without having to physically be seen. This keeps you and your doctor and staff safe during the pandemic.

“We’ve been trained that listening to your patients and to their concerns and symptoms, is more than 80 percent of what you need to make a diagnosis.”

But there are times when seeing a doctor in person is critical.

“Chest pain, shortness of breath, those kinds of things, you really should be in an urgent care or an emergency center.”

Dr. Elsayed offers some comforting advice during this difficult time.

“We will get through time and your physicians are here to take care of you.”

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