McLaren Hospital second in state to offer new technology

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/09/2017) - A local hospital is the second in Michigan to offer patients a new style of care.

One family said the equipment at McLaren Hospital is making a major difference.

Rick Tennis suffered a stroke two years ago, which left him with complications. His wife said the SafeGait would have improved his care greatly if it was available two years ago.

"No pain on the whole right side because of it,” Tennis said.

He's back at the hospital and this time Tennis is at McLaren.

Part of Tennis' treatment is to use the hospital's latest gadget, the SafeGait. He's using the equipment because Tennis had a spill and broke open his stitches after a knee replacement.

"It gets me up and I walk and walk and turn around and then I go back,” he said.

Physical therapists take Tennis along a course designed to improve mobility.

"I don't have to worry about the patient falling. The system will catch them if they lose their balance. It also provides me a way to use my hands to guide their body in a way I can't when I am more worried about their balance,” McLaren Physical Therapist Deborah Reed said.

Michelle Tennis wishes this was around after Rick had his stroke.

“It made a big difference in his sit to stand. She (therapist) got him pretty much to the point where he would actually bend far enough over so he could stand up by himself,” Michelle said.

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