Meeting to spur change, end violence in Flint

Published: Jan. 12, 2018 at 6:17 PM EST
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(1/12/2018) - A call to action. For close to a decade a Flint mother has been hosting community meetings every month. Her hope is to find a different solution to the widespread violence in the City.

Flint mother Kenyetta Dotson says violence is deeply rooted in the Flint community and it's becoming a vicious cycle.

So, she's working to bring about change; but she said that can only happen if people step up to make a difference.

"Unfortunately, some people come from broken homes, some people have never had a home," Dotson said. "Unfortunately, some houses are only houses, they are not homes. And, love never dwelled in some of these houses that we've seen. And, when there's young people that only understand what pain is, they don't understand how to exemplify or how to give love."

Dotson's mission is fueled by the deaths of so many young people, including 10-year-old Jacques Allen who was killed in a drive-by last week.

Dotson said the community has a responsibility to protect their own. She's been working to get people together to find ways to embrace the kids throughout the community.

She explained if we start with the youth, they'll grow up knowing their potential is greater than violence.

Dotson is surrounded by people of all ages at the meetings. The hope is have them collaborate and support each other's programs, like the Heart of Worship Dance Studio.

"A lot of times the kids are watching it on TV and wishing that they can have that opportunity, well here it is," program director Porcha Clemons explained. "I have danced professional. I have danced ministry. I am here to provide that resource to them."

The meetings are held ever second Saturday of the month at the Church Without Walls on Dupont in Flint. There's next one is Saturday, January 13th, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.