Meijer 'evaluating' gun and ammunition sales policies after mass shootings

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GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) (9/4/2019) - Midwest retail giant Meijer is mulling its policies regarding ammunition sales and allowing customers to openly carry firearms after a spate of mass shootings.

WZZM in Grand Rapids received a statement from Meijer about its plans on Wednesday.

"During the past year, Meijer has made several changes to our policies regarding ammunition, including increasing the age of purchase," said Frank J. Guglielmi, the senior director of corporate communications. "In light of recent events, we are evaluating our ammunition offerings as well as our policies regarding customers carrying firearms into our stores."

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Walmart announced on Tuesday that it plans to stop selling ammunition for handguns and will ask customers to avoid openly carrying firearms in its stores.

Kroger followed that up with an announcement on Wednesday that it also will ask customers not to open carry firearms in its stores.

Guglielmi told WZZM that shoppers will be the focus of whatever direction Meijer decides to take with gun and ammunition policies.