Michael Moore has plans to get back on television

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Flint (WJRT) - (11/3/17) - The highly opinionated Michael Moore is back in Flint, talking about the city's water emergency. And he has plans to stay in the public eye.

Moore thinks the showing of the Flint movie on the Lifetime channel can make people aware how easily a city can be endangered if they're are too complacent.

"I think the movie about Flint that was on Lifetime certainly reminds people that this problem still exists and that it hasn't been fixed. All of us, regardless what our job is, your job, my job, people in here, whatever have to keep agitating and fighting so that everybody here has clean water," said Moore.

The Flint movie dramatizes how the water emergency affected the lives of three families. Moore blames the crisis on the current economic system, which he says is not fair and needs to be changed or there will be more cities with problems like Flint.

Moore will appear on cable TV starting in February. He will star in a show called Michael Moore Live from the Apocalypse. It will be seen on TNT.

"It's going to be different places around the country, whatever, doing what I do to try and get this country back in the hands of the good people that helped to build it and worked hard here in Flint," said Moore.

He recently wrapped up twelve weeks on Broadway in a show he called Terms of My Surrender. He says it was a lot of fun and he had never done anything like that before.

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