Michigan Congresswoman's bill would require ignition device preveting drunk drivers

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WASHINGTON (WJRT) (1/10/2019) - Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell is introducing a bill that would require new cars to be equipped with an ignition device that would prevent people from driving drunk.

The device would measure a driver's blood alcohol content before allowing them to start the car. If they exceed the legal limit of 0.08 percent, the vehicle wouldn't start.

Dingell said she is introducing the bill in memory of the Abbas family. The Northville family was killed in a head-on crash in Kentucky last week while returning from trip to Florida.

Police say the driver who hit them while driving the wrong way on I-75 was drunk.

Some states already require the ignition interlock devices for people convicted of drunk driving. Dingell's bill would require them on all new vehicles sold in the U.S.