Michigan SOS to comply with federal voting commission

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) - (07/03/17) - Michigan's Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson, says she will comply with some requests for voter information from President Donald Trump's voting commission.

Johnson says personal data won't be released.

She makes it clear in her response posted to Facebook that she understands the desire to keep what's private as private.

Her post Monday comes about a week after the federal government's voting commission said it was asking states for information, which includes partial Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

Birth dates can be shared legally, but Johnson says Michigan law protects both Social Security numbers and driver's license numbers.

She also points out that some basic voter information has actually been public for decades, like registrations and election participation history, which is true across most states in the U.S.

"I firmly believe in, and will defend, our state's right to administer our own elections and safeguard our voters and their private information,” she said.

Trump's voting commission was created to investigation allegations of election fraud across the U.S.

Michigan found at least 31 people did vote twice last fall, following the partial recount last December.

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