Michigan Senate committee advances bill to increase animal abuse penalties

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell holds up the photo of an abused dog while testifying before the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee about animal abuse laws he believes are too weak.
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LANSING (WJRT) (1/18/2018) - People who abuse animals in Michigan could face stiffer penalties soon after a State Senate committee advanced bill to the full body.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday about some of the horrific animal abuse cases he's seen.

"I have seen first hand the gruesome acts committed against so many dogs, cats, and other pets," Pickell wrote on Facebook. "I will continue to speak out against the weak laws that currently exist and applaud the lawmakers who have the courage to act on this issue."

After his testimony, the committee voted to advance the bill for consideration by the full Senate.

"I ask you to contact your legislators, to let them know you demand they implement harsh penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty and torture," Pickell wrote.

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