Michigan State Police trooper arrested for drunken driving after Sanilac County crash

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SANILAC COUNTY (WJRT) (12/5/2017) - A Michigan State Police trooper was arrested for drunken driving on Thanksgiving Day after crashing into a tree.

The crash happened near the corner of Germania and Cass City roads in Sanilac County's Greenleaf Township. Police say a 2010 Cadillac went off the road, through a field and hit a tree.

A hunter called 911 to report the crash. The Sanilac County sheriff's deputy who arrived at the scene determined the driver had been drinking.

"It was discovered the person involved in that traffic crash -- the lone occupant of the vehicle -- was an off-duty Michigan State Police trooper," said Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser.

The Sanilac County deputy arrested the trooper for suspicion of drunken driving.

"He was arrested. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. He was then lodged in the local county jail, just like anyone else would be," Kaiser said.

The trooper has been released from custody pending blood test results and is recovering from his injuries. Kaiser said the 25-year-old trooper who lives in Sanilac County hasn't been with the department long and is still in a probationary period with the Michigan State Police.

An arraignment is scheduled for next week. Kaiser says once the case moves through the courts, there will be another investigation.

"For most people, it's over (after court proceedings are complete). They will have higher insurance costs," Kaiser said. "But with our department we will do our separate investigation. The separate investigation could result with this person being suspended, terminated -- some sort of discipline will take place."

The trooper, who was not identified because he has not been arraigned, is based at the Flint post. He is on medical leave for now while recovering from his injuries and will be suspended until the end of the investigation.

"It's very embarrassing for everyone else that wears the badge," Kaiser said. "This is something we don't condone and we are thankful no one else was hurt."

The Sanilac County Sheriff's Office is continuing its investigation into the crash.

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