MSU scientists develop smartphone-based blood pressure monitoring method

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WJRT) - A new medical advancement is making it easier for patients to keep a close eye on their blood pressure with one simple touch.

The device was created by a team of scientists at Michigan State University, many of who are current graduate students.

The one of a kind invention getting national attention,after being research on the device was published in a world renowned journal of medicine.

"To publish in this journal you have to do research in an area of broad interest and it has to be scientifically rigorous," says professor and scientist, Ramakrishna Mukkamala.

The 11 page article published by Science Translational Medicine introduces a smartphone-based way to monitor blood pressure.

"We have made a simple prototype and it has electronics in this and some sensors," says scientist, Anand Chandraskhar.

The device has similar technology compared to the blood pressure cuffs often used in a doctors office, but with this, it's simple because it can find right in your pocket.

"You place your finger tip on the sensor, turn the phone over and hold it at heart level, and there's a cursor there that indicates how much pressure you're applying," says Mukkamala. "There are two blue lines and you have to keep steadily pressing your finger harder and harder to keep the cursor between the blue lines."

Although this device was made only for research purposes, scientists say they hope the technology can one day be used to help the 75 million American adults dealing with high blood pressure.