Michigan United calls for an independent water test, boycott of Nestle

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FLINT (WJRT) (4/9/2018) - Michigan United was joined by several activist groups Monday, as they voiced their anger with the end of bottled water distribution before all lead service lines have been replaced.

Organizer LaShaya Darisaw said the MDEQ is part of the state; and therefore, the agency's water results can't be trusted.

"It is time for the CDC or an independent company to test for all contaminants, including bacteria, toxic compounds, chlorine, phosphate levels, as well as lead and copper," she said.

The group is asking for the water PODs to remain open in Flint, until outside testing is complete and all lead service lines have been replaced.

They're also opposed to the State's new deal with Nestle. A permit signed by the MDEQ last week allows the corporation to now draw 400 gallons per minute from a spring in Osceola Township. Their bill is reportedly increasing just $200 a year.

Over 80,000 people signed a petition against the new permit. But, MDEQ Director C. Heidi Grether said," We cannot base our decisions on public opinion because our department is required to follow the rule of law when making determinations."

Michigan United is asking for a boycott of all Nestle products.

Flint City Councilwoman Monica Galloway joined the activist groups in solidarity Monday.

She called the end to free bottled water from the state "injustice at it's best."

"We wouldn't need free water if decisions had not been made. So I'm tired of this. We're not slaves, we're not asking for a handout. We're asking for the state to make us whole. And so, in spite of what they say, where the lead levels were before, you did wrong," Galloway said.

Galloway added while the City has the power to govern themselves again, financially they're unable to.

Michigan United is headed to the Capitol Wednesday. If you'd like to join them, contact LaShaya Darisaw at (810-394-9515) or vote4lashayad@gmail.com.

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