Michigan attorney general: Lame-duck ballot drive law is unconstitutional

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) (5/22/2019) - Michigan's attorney general says a lame-duck law making it harder to put proposals on the statewide ballot is unconstitutional.

Democrat Dana Nessel's opinion Wednesday binds state officials unless it is reversed by a court. A legal fight is expected.

The law was enacted by Republicans in December's post-election session, and followed their unprecedented maneuver to weaken minimum wage increases and paid sick time requirements that began as ballot initiatives.

The law imposes a geographic requirement on groups trying to gather hundreds of thousands of voter signatures to qualify for the ballot.

No more than 15 percent of signatures can come from any one of Michigan's 14 congressional districts, a restriction that could prevent ballot committees from solely targeting the most heavily populated, more Democratic urban areas.

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