Michigan businesses ordered to stop marketing 'Coronavirus Defender Patch'

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is ordering two Rockford companies from marketing and selling the "Coronavirus Defender Patch."
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LANSING (WJRT) (3/24/2020) - Two West Michigan companies have been ordered to stop marketing a Coronavirus Defender Patch they say helps prevent people from getting the illness.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent cease and desist letters to the businesses in Rockford on Tuesday. She said claims that the patches prevent coronavirus are false.

Frequency Apps Corp. and Biores Technologies Inc. claim the patch will “help aid the immune system to defend itself against exposure to the virus,” and “can help lessen the effect of the virus if you already have” it, Nessel said.

The $49.99 patch comes with a free 30-day supply when customers purchase a 45-day supply.

“Providing consumers with a false sense of security that these patches could somehow protect them from this virus is simply wrong,” Nessel said. “I will not tolerate deceptive and misleading business practices at any time, but especially not during this time of uncertainty surrounding Michigan’s battle with COVID-19.”

The companies have 10 days to stop marketing and selling the patches and provide contact information for customers before they face further legal action.

Nessel's office has received nearly 1,600 price-gouging complaints related to coronavirus as of Tuesday morning. The Consumer Protection tip line usually receives about 80 calls per day, but it has been averaging about 280 calls per day over the past few weeks.

The Consumer Protection tip line can be reached at 1-877-765-8388.