Michigan runners prepare for big competition at the Crim

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 11:21 AM EDT
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The Crim Festival of Races brings in dozens of elite runners from all across the world, and several Michigan runners are hoping to join them in finishing in the top tier.

"Instead of people asking whats your 5k time or your marathon time was," says runner Jesse Anderson.

Long time runner Jesse Anderson says despite all the races he has ran, running the Crim is unlike any other.

"The first time I went under 53, I was like locked up with the masters marathoner that was nationally renowned," says Anderson. "It was just wild to be up there and have that mix of athletes from across the different spectrum."

\While runners come from all across the world to run the Crim, this race hold special special meaning for Michigan runners like Alex Ralston.

"You get out there on a day, just like any other day heading out for a run in Flint and all of a sudden you're out there with 10,000 friends," says Ralston. "It's a blast. You have fans lining the streets, you see parts of Flint that people don't really get to see."

Even if you're not expert runners like these two, who both finished last years Boston marathon, there's always a place for you at the Crim.

"It's very much a welcoming environment. I love seeing folks out there for their first Crim just hoping to finish," says Anderson. "Then you also get out there will the guys who are at the absolute top or the world, Olympians out there. So, to see the whole spectrum is a unique experience you don't get anywhere else."

Organizers say their goal is to create a race for everyone. That's why they have began featuring a new 5 mile half Crim to go along with their 5k and 10 mile.