Michigan senator introduces bill to ban marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 12:47 PM EDT
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(5/1/2018) - A new kind of alcoholic beverage with marijuana infused would be illegal in Michigan if a bill introduced to the State Senate is approved.

The legislation introduced by State Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge was referred to a committee. It must be approved there, then by both legislative chambers and the governor to become law.

“Bar owners and bartenders have said that this would be a recipe for disaster,” Jones said in a statement. “They have enough trouble judging intoxication levels now without adding the element of marijuana — especially when you consider that marijuana-infused foods can take an hour to kick in.”

Some establishments in Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana a few years ago, are selling marijuana and alcohol beverages.

Michigan voters likely will get to decide in November whether recreational use of marijuana should be legalized here, as well.

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