Michigan's Christmas tree industry is going strong

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LAPEER COUNTY (WJRT) (11/27/17) - Michigan ranks third in the number of Christmas trees grown and sold. Only Oregon and North Carolina grow more.

There are a number of Christmas tree farms in Mid-Michigan.

"Your firs are most popular. We do a lot with Norway spruce and blue spruce. We have a real problem with deer. Deer love the frasier firs. It get to be a difficult commodity," said Bruce Millar, owner of Top Hill
Farms in Lapeer County's Hadley Township.

We found one young couple who were going to cut their first Christmas tree as husband and wife. They were given a tree saw and told where to find the kind of tree they were looking for.

"We pass the sign on the way to work every day so we really wanted to chop down our own," said Christopher Chaffee of Davison. "This is the perfect place. And it's beautiful."

The couple got married in August and bought their first house together in June.

"So we wanted to get our first live-cut tree and not one you buy at the store that's been setting there for months," said Kallee Chaffee.

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