See what is Michigan's favorite candy

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) (10-18-17) - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twix or maybe Kit Kat?

Halloween is coming and some candy will be traded for the sweet treat everyone loves.

Ten years of sales data has revealed Michigan's favorite candy. It turns out we like Candy Corn the best, according to

Nearly 150,000 pounds of Candy Corn is sold in the state during the year, most of which comes in the fall. That's more than Skittles, which is our second favorite candy.

And no matter what kind of candy, Michiganders will be buying a lot of it. The National Retail Federation is estimating nationwide Halloween sales will top $9 billion this year.

That breaks down to $3.4 billion in costumes, $2.7 billion on candy and $2.7 billion on decorations -- an average of $86 for every American.

This year's Halloween sales are projected to be 8.3 percent higher than last year.

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