Michigan's deep freeze has potholes popping up. Here's how to report them to MDOT

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (1/23/2019) -- Now that Michigan's roads are freezing and thawing, it's prime pothole season across the state.

The craters are popping up on streets and highways, giving drivers another reason to be cautious.

Earlier this week, northbound I-75 was closed for several miles in Oakland County for emergency road repairs and they continued on Wednesday.

If you find yourself dodging a certain pothole daily or are especially concerned about a crater on the road, MDOT is asking for your help.

See Related Links on the right side or bottom of this story for an online form to report potholes to MDOT. Motorists can also call MDOT at 1-888-296-4546.

Pothole reports will be forwarded to the appropriate regional office for action.

MDOT only has jurisdiction over state roads, which normally begin with "M,' "I", or "US" designations. To report potholes on local or county roads, contact the county road commission or a local municipality.

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