Mid-Michigan Jews pleased to see Jerusalem recognized as Israel's capital

Steven Low
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FLINT (WJRT) (12/6/2017) - Mid-Michigan Jews have been waiting a long time for the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel.

President Donald Trump was scheduled to formally announce the move Wednesday afternoon. The announcement can't come soon enough for Steven Low, who is the Flint Jewish executive director.

Low has made several trips to Jerusalem. He hopes the move will be a step toward peace with Palestinians, who also claim part of the ancient city as their capital.

Low said the Trump administration's move could break a stalemate after negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have yielded few results in recent years. He just hopes it doesn't lead to a new round of violence.

"Those who want an excuse to engage in violence will use this as an excuse to do so that," Low said. "I think would be a mistake and unfortunate."

His biggest concern, however, is that Trump's action could be motivated less by bringing a well thought out plan for peace and more by paying back major campaign donors.

Hear from the American Arab Heritage Council on their take to this move on ABC12 News this afternoon and evening.

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