Mid Michigan father hopes Disney Star's death shines a spotlight on Epilepsy

Published: Jul. 9, 2019 at 6:47 PM EDT
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(07/09/19) --"You don't want to be in my shoes. You always here that adage, you never want to lose a child," said Epilepsy Foundation's Jeff Wilson.

Jeff Wilson and his wife have spent the last 12 years trying to make sense of the death of their daughter, Generose.

"Today is exactly 4,400 days ago when my daughter passed away,"

Just 19 years old, the college student died following a seizure.

Generose had epilepsy.

Back then, the Wilson's knew very little about it.

"We had never heard of SUDEP. We didn't realize that by her getting into a garden tub, taking a relaxing bubble bath, that she would possibly drown. And that's exactly what happened," Wilson said.

SUDEP-sudden unexpected death in epilepsy.

Something that people across the country may be now researching---- following the death of Disney Star, Cameron Boyce.

The young actor died in his sleep over the weekend. His family says he had a seizure.

Reports say Boyce had epilepsy.

"Well any death obviously tragic, you know a young person, that's kind of in the limelight, it does bring on a lot focus," Wilson said.

And Wilson says hopefully-- cause more people to educate themselves about the illness.

"Across the globe, there's almost 60-million people with epilepsy. In the United States, there's over 3 million. In the state of Michigan, there's over a 100,000." Wilson said.

Numbers that Wilson, as part of the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is working to decrease.

"You can live with epilepsy, but you got to know how to," Wllson said